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An experienced voice with a track record of delivery

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We desperately need a Labour government.  People up and down the country are suffering at the hands of two incompetent governments – the Tories in Westminster and the SNP in Scotland.

But we cannot rely on their incompetence to secure a Labour victory.

Labour needs to win power for the many whilst keeping true to our radical values.  That means offering solutions as well as solidarity – a credible plan to reshape our economy to deliver tackle the cost of living crisis and invest in our public services, a plan to tackle climate change and deliver new green jobs and a plan for the future world of work that provides workers with greater security and flexibility. 

As Head of Local Government for UNISON Scotland, representing 80,000 workers, I know the reality of fighting for our values on the frontline and my track record is one of delivery. 

I’ve spent my working life not just campaigning for but leading negotiations that have delivered better deals and improved terms and conditions for workers in both the public and private sectors. 

I’m leading the fight right now for a better pay deal for local government workers across Scotland.  I’ve drafted guidance to keep workplaces safe during COVID and led calls for greater investment in our local communities who will be at the forefront of our economic recovery.

I’ve campaigned in every election, under every leader, since I joined the Party 26 years ago.


I’ve held office at every level of the Party and I’m proud to be the current Vice Chair of the NEC.  I’m an accessible rep who is not afraid of hard graft or speaking truth to power.

I fundamentally believe that we achieve more together than we do alone.  It’s why I’ve campaigned to keep Scotland in the UK.

We will not win again at Westminster without winning again in Scotland.  We were the first red wall to fall and need to be the first red wall to be rebuild - under Anas and Keirs leadership we are back on the path to power but we need Scottish voices round the NEC table if we are to continue that progress.

Experienced representation, dedication to our values and relentless focus on campaigning for a Labour government – that’s what you’ll get if you vote to re-elect me to the NEC and I hope I can count on your support.


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