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Labour needs to win power for the many whilst keeping true to our radical values.  

As Head of Local Government for UNISON Scotland, representing 80,000 workers, I know the reality of fighting for those principles on the frontline and my track record is one of delivery.  

Last year I led negotiations which secured the highest pay uplift for local government workers on the lowest wages that has ever achieved in a single year settlement.


I’ve drafted guidance to keep workplaces safe during COVID and led calls for greater investment in our local communities who will be at the forefront of our economic recovery.

I’ve campaigned in our region in every election, under every leader, since I joined the Party 26 years ago.


Coming from a working-class family in Saltcoats, whose grandad was a Killoch pit miner and Polish migrant, Labour’s values are my values and I’ve been fighting for them all my life.

It’s an honour to serve you on the SEC and I’m proud to be the current NEC Vice-Chair.  I'm a hardworking representative.  


I’ve always spoken up for members, never shied away from speaking truth to power and will work with everyone in our party to put Labour back in power.”


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