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For too long members of this party have been underrepresented in our decision making structures. Since I joined the NEC in 2010 I have been calling for members to have greater representation on the NEC and I am pleased that conference this year agreed.

The NEC has a key role to play in keeping the Party honest – representatives who will support our leader and challenge the status quo to make sure we are match fit for the next election, whenever that may be.

Your best friends are not those who turn up when times are good but disappear when things get difficult. They are not those who simply agree with every word you say just to stay in your good books. They are not those who watch you make mistakes without the courage to tell you where you are going wrong.

Your best friends are those who support you through thick and thin, in good times and bad, and who will be honest with you so they can help you to be better.

That’s why I have stuck with Labour, as an active campaigner who has held positions at every level of the Party, for 22 years.

That’s why I stood up, at the age of 18 years of age at my first annual conference, told Tony Blair, he was wrong on education reform and moved the motion against tuition fees.

That’s why, as an NEC member, I challenged Ed Miliband on his proposals to abolish the Party’s electoral college and why I voted against the introduction of the registered and affiliate supporters scheme.

And that’s why I stood up and called out bullying in the Labour Party to try to protect others because no one in our Party should suffer bullying or abuse.

And that’s why if you elect me to the NEC you can be sure that I will never be a puppet for anyone or any faction but that I will always do what I believe is in the best interests of our Party.

I have supported and campaigned for every leader of our Party. I have challenged every one of them too. Because if we are to maximise on the advances we made in the 2017 general election, under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, and turn the hope of a Labour Government into a reality we need to utilise all the talents across our movement.

For the sake of all the people whose lives have been devastated by the cruel and ideological austerity measures of the Tories and the SNP we must win.

If you elect me you will have a representative who will be relentless in holding the Party to account to make sure we are ready for that election whenever it is called. You will have a representative who has a track record of working and campaigning with all sections of the membership, who has still visited more Constituency Labour Parties across the country to engage with members than any other volunteer and whose reputation as an NEC member was of hard work and fair judgement.

Now is not the time for division. We need NEC members with courage, conviction and a track record of working constructively with and speaking up for all sections of the Party.

If you want a strong independent voice on the NEC - a representative who will unite rather than divide - please give me your vote.

Best wishes,


  • About Johanna

    Johanna is the granddaughter of a Killoch Pit miner who has dedicated her life to the Labour movement. She lives in North Ayrshire and works in Glasgow. She is passionate about fighting for equality, workers' rights, public services and the environment.

    Johanna has been an activist in the Party for the duration of her 22 years membership, campaigning in every election during that time and taking on roles at every level of the Party. She is currently Chair of Cunninghame North CLP and an elected representative on the Scottish Executive Committee (SEC). She was one of the most active CLP representatives of the National Executive Committee (NEC) when she served between 2010 and 2016. She previously helped run one of the largest CLPs in London (Camberwell & Peckham), first as an Organiser and then as CLP Secretary for over 13 years. She has also been the Chair of a Local Campaigns Forum, a candidate in the Scottish Parliamentary elections and an election agent.

    Johanna consistently fought to ensure the NEC became more open an transparent during her tenure - she produced regular reports of NEC meetings, personally visited over 180 different CLPs to speak with and consult with members and campaigned to secure the commitment to abolishing Employment Tribunal Fees in 2015 manifesto. She holds a degree in Politics and Law and a Postgraduate certificate in Employment Law.

    She worked part time in a call centre for a large telecommunications company to fund her university education where she became the local representative of the Communication Workers Union. After university Johanna secured a place on the Trades Union Congress’s (TUC) Organising Academy and from there went on to become a Negotiations Officer with the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), then worked as an Officer for the Prospect Union and now works for Unison. She has been a member of the CWU for nearly 20 years and a member of the GMB for over 10 years.

    My Commitments To You:

    · I will fight for CLP NEC representatives to be elected regionally to ensure that members from all parts of the country have a voice on the NEC.
    · I will fight for the restoration of the electoral college to reduce the barriers to involvement of our affiliate organisations and to preserve the value of Party membership.
    · I will fight for greater use of new technology to allow us to reach out to and involve non-members in shaping the future of the Party and our policy platform.
    · I will keep you informed of what is going on at the NEC through regular reports and constituency visits.
    · I will fight for a zero tolerance approach to bullying and harassment of any form within our Party

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