Communication Workers Union (CWU) Endorsement

I'm delighted to receive an endorsement from the Communication Workers Union (CWU) in my bid for selection to Scottish Labour's West of Scotland list. I have been a trade unionist since I first started work but the CWU holds a special place in my heart.


They were the first trade union I joined, almost 20 years ago, when I got a job in a call centre to fund my way through university.

I soon became one of their reps and, at the end of my degree, they supported my application to join the TUC's prestigious Organising Academy.

The skills and experience I gained working for the TUC led me to a job as a Negotiating Officer for the Public and Commercial Services union. After a few years there I moved on to join Connect (now Prospect) where I remain today, on the frontline today negotiating with employers on a daily basis to improve the terms and conditions of employment for our members.

The union movement today is facing some of the biggest challenges in it's history. The introduction of Employment Tribunal Fees has put a tax on justice for workers and the number of claims have dropped significantly since their introduction. I was proud to work with colleagues across the movement to secure the commitment, that our Party would abolish Employment Fees, in our last manifesto.

I will continue to work with colleagues across the labour movement on the big issues - like the Trade Union Bill, which would make it almost impossible to take lawful industrial action - facing the union movement today.

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