Ed Balls - Why I'm Backing Johanna

I'm delighted to have the support of former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls in my campaign to represent the West of Scotland.

"Johanna has dedicated her life to the Labour Party and the Labour movement. She has been a Party activist for 20 years and I have seen first-hand how as a trade union official she stands up for workers rights every day.

In 2010 Johanna helped out on my leadership campaign. As part of that campaign we held meetings on West of Scotland and her love and pride in the place she grew up was evident for anyone to see.

Since Johanna got elected to represent you on the Party’s National Executive Committee she’s built a reputation for being a hard worker and an energetic campaigner. As the only Scottish CLP rep on the Committee she has consistently raised the challenges facing Scotland and argued for greater resources for the Scottish Party.

Johanna has proven herself to be an effective representative. She loves the West of Scotland, is a passionate advocate for Labour values and has the grit and determination to be a formidable force in the Scottish Parliament. I have no hesitation in backing her campaign and I hope you will too.”

Former Shadow Chancellor

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